2020 Middle School Science Fair

Welcome St. Monica Crusaders to the Middle School Online Science Fair 2020! This year we will be showcasing each student’s Science Fair project with their very own web page! Please feel free to search or peruse the 29 different projects across four different grade levels. The students have been working hard on these projects for four long months. They persevered through the COVID-19 difficulties, and ended up with stellar projects despite the circumstances. Please show your appreciation by spending some time with as many wonderful projects as you can!

There are 3 general types of projects:

  1. Experiment
  2. Invention
  3. Research

This site is best viewed on a computer! On each page you can click through to different sections of each project via the fixed quick bar (you’ll understand better when you go to a project page.

Some projects are duplicated, as some students worked with others across grade levels!